LUCILLA Presents

The world's first portable lamp, mosquito repellent !!!

LUCILLA Presents

The world's first portable lamp, mosquito repellent !!!

Patent pending. All rights reserved. Product made in Italy.

Anti-Mosquito Function

New three-level low-frequency sonic wave technology. NO ULTRASOUNDS. Mosquito repellent.



Components easily divided for easy disposal. Without any chemical agents.


Magnetic stabilizers

Magnetic stabilizers for personalization and safety while traveling by boat or RV.


RGB+White Light

Dual lighting Touch RGB+White light, to create the atmospheres you want.



Portable and rechargeable (fast charge)


Powerful and safe

Safe for children and pets.

Emotions of light

In collaboration with Light-cube, a natural spin-of the University of Padua.


Light-Cube also collaborates with Osram, Flos and Artemide.

MB Lighting Studio

Lighting and technology studio for interiors and exteriors. Its designers and technicians have collaborated with major brands in the industry over the years. Their technical and cultural backgrounds have earned them international awards including the RED-DOT award.


We have extensive know-how and rely on the best Italian and European supply companies to manufacture the various components.

Quality controlled

The quality of all components is carefully checked before each shipment.




Lamps in production

After only one month, an "almost" unexpected success.

Variable frequency sonic emitter

Our emitter has proven to be an excellent mosquito repellent. 

Why sonic emitter and not ultrasonic?

The difference is essential. This emitter emits low-frequency sounds that mimic the male's wings, thus driving away the females, which are the ones that sting since they use the blood for egg reproduction. But aren't mosquitoes deaf? Critics assume one thing: mosquitoes do not have auditory apparatuses.

True but only partially

In fact, mosquitoes compensate with a very special apparatus called Johnston's organ, located in the second segment of the antennae.

Our emitters are variable frequency. This means that mosquitoes cannot get used to a constantly changing frequency, and therefore cannot become unresponsive.

Lucilla is an excellent mosquito repellent.

Thanks to its VARIABLE FREQUENCY SONIC EMITTER, you can enjoy your evenings without worrying about annoying and dangerous mosquitoes, which can transmit serious diseases.

It works in a radius of 3mt outdoors and in 20/25sqm indoors.


Unnecessary and harmful UV lamps

UV lamps are useless because they do not repel mosquitoes; on the contrary, they attract them. Moreover, because they are non-selective, they also kill insects that are useful to the environment.

These products are dangerous or ineffective

All chemical-based products are notoriously dangerous to health. Natural products are ineffective and sometimes harmful because they can cause allergies, especially in children.

You can protect yourself from mosquitoes with Lucilla both indoors and outdoors. Its portability and design fit perfectly into any environment, making it pleasant and safe.

Thanks to its magnetic stabilizer, you can safely use Lucilla in a boat or RV even while traveling.

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